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Medieval Woman

-- to the tune of The Evil Woman by the Electric Light Orchestra

See her weaving at her loom
  See her wield the Spoon of Doom
   She'll catch in the stiches that she'll sew
    As you smell the baking by the fire glow

  Med-aev-al Wo-man!
   Med-aev-al Wo-man!
    Med-aev-al Wo-man!
     Med-aev-al Wo-man!

Bewitching looks in her best garb
  Have got you hooked, behind the barb
   She's got a humour that will never bore
    And a laugh that's sweeter than a s'more

Medieval Woman in the SCA
  "Foailtigearna" is hard to say
   Hah hah you can laugh because my tongue is tied
    I Got it wrong, but at least I tried

I've seen your laurel in her brand new frock
  If it were invented she could stop a clock
   And dear lady, the garb was just the start
    Can careful stiches mend my heart?

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