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Gabriel Fram Heven King

- in middle English, with thorns rendered as TH and yogh as GH, punctuation is improvised for in hopes of making the meaning more clear

Gabriel,fram-heven king, sent to the maide sweete
Broute hir blisful tiding and fair he gan hir greete"
"Hail be thu, ful of grace aright!
For Godes son, this heven-light,
For mannes love
wil man bicome
and take
Fles of thee, maide bright,
Manken free for to make
Of sen and devles might."

Mildelich him gan andswere the milde maide thanne:
"Whichewise sold ich bere child withute manne?"
Th'angel seid "Ne dred tee nout;
Thurw t'holigast sal been iwrout
This ilche thing
warof tiding
ich bringe
All manken wurth ibout
Thurw thine sweet childinge
And ut of pine ibrought

Wan the maiden understood and th'angels wordes herde,
Mildelich with milde mood to th'angel hie answerde:
"Ure lords thewe maid iwis
ich am, that here aboven is.
Anentis me
Fulfuthed be
thi sawe
That ich, sith his wil is,
Maid withuten lawe
Of moder has the blis"

Th'angle went awei mid than, al ut of hire sighte,
Hire womb arise gan thurw t'holigastes mighte.
In hir was Crist bilok anon,
Sooth God, sooth man in fles and bon
And of hir fles
Ibore wes
   at time
Warthurw us kam good won;
He bout us ut of pine
And let him for us slon

Maiden-moder makeless, of milce ful ibunde,
Bid for us thim that tee ches, at wam thu grace funde,
That he forgive us sen and wrake
And clene of evri gelt us make
And heven-blis
Wan ur time is
to sterve
Us give, for thine sake,
Him so heer for to serve
That he us to him take

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