Lady Faoiltighearna

Greetings! This is the page of Lady Faoiltighearna inghean mhic Ghuaire, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. My interests in the Society include costume, cooking, ornamentation and fiber arts. The art in the background of this page is my arms: Quarterly azure and vert, a wolf's head argent jessant-de-lys Or; and my badge is just the wolf's head with the fleur-de-lys: (Fieldless) A wolf's head argent, jessant-de-lys Or. Check out a larger version of my arms.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the information provided in this site.

Some pamphlets I have written for classes taught in the SCA:

Italian Hair Taping:


Some period recipes I've worked on/with:


Over the past few years, horses had reentered my life.  Friesians were a long time dream of mine and I had the privilege to own a few. Here are some pictures of my boys.  Here are pictures of other horses I have owned:  Sadie and Tiffany.

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